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C'est ici que je partage avec vous mes derniers projets, expos, créations, techniques et bien d'autres. Les images vous permettent d'accéder à une news en particulier. N'hésitez pas, si vous le souhaitez, à me proposer un sujet que vous voudriez que j'aborde ici, en complétant le formulaire de ma page contact, afin de faire évoluer cette section.

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Isa Slivance is a visual artist, living in Dordogne. Creator of art and installations, with both marbled and vegetal papers, she reflects about the relationship between content and container. She works using her favourite material, paper, and combines ancestral techniques with spontaneity. She imagines colourful organic worlds from miniature to oversize, inspired by Y. Le Toumelin, F. Verdier, P. Soulages. “The Eternal Feminine is everlasting, with her hand thrown towards the sky. She fascinates and makes man better by playing with nature. With her mysterious glove, she offers her necklace of life, as a guide, to whoever chooses to follow her”. Her exhibitions include: Jules Verne Museum, Nantes, (2014), Art Museum and Library, Brive (2015), Museum of printing, Nantes (2016), and Consulate of Japan, Lyon (2021). According to poet, writer, art critic P. Gicquel: “Medicine Woman, with one completely free brushstroke, Isa Slivance, soothes our souls hungry for colours and dreams”.